Average Program Director, Non-Profit with Project Management Skills Salary in Toronto, Ontario

Annual Base Salary - $83,328.00/year

The average annual salary of Program Director, Non-Profit is $83,328.00


The starting salary of Program Director, Non-Profit is between $60,223.00 and $70,850.00 whereas the maximum salary range is between $97,200.00 and $111,780.00.

Minimum Annual PayMaximum Annual Pay
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  • Currency : CAD
  • Annual Salary : $83,328.00
  • Weekly Pay : $1,512.00
  • Fortnightly Salary : $3,024.00
  • Monthly Salary : $6,551.00

Program Director, Non-Profit Salary Comparison by Gender


This pie chart demonstrates the gender share for Program Director, Non-Profit. As indicated, the golden colour represents the percentage share for women and the green represents the percentage share for men.

As shown via chart, female employees are involved 100% in contrast with male who possibly are not a part of this profession.

Prominent Skills Affecting Program Director, Non-Profit Salary

The bar graph data indicates the importance of specific skills which can have a direct impact on Program Director, Non-Profit's salary. It clearly highlights the skills needed for a post of Program Director, Non-Profit when hired by an employer.

The most vital skill expected of Program Director, Non-Profit is Strategic Planning which impacts the most than the rest of the skills indicated with a staggering 12% comparatively. Therefore, one’s salary would greatly depend on their skills in Strategic Planning.

The skill least likely to affect one’s pay would be Team Leadership with 4%. It can be said that Team Leadership skill will unlikely impact the salary.

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