Average Salary in Guam

How much money does a Guamanian worker earn?

The average monthly salary for a Guamanian worker is $1,400. Between 350 to 6,230 dollars a month is the average salary for the positions.

With housing, transportation, and other perks all taken into account, this is the typical monthly wage. There is a huge disparity in pay across various professions. The highest-paid workers in Guam are surgeons, who make an average of $8,000 a month. The lowest-paid workers are unskilled laborers, who make an average of $350 a month.

The cost of living in Guam is relatively high. A person would need to earn at least $1,400 a month to live comfortably in the capital city of Hagåtña. 

Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center costs around $700, and utilities can add another $100 to the monthly expenses. Food and other essentials would account for the remaining costs.

The average salary in Guam has remained relatively stable over the past few years. Inflation has been low, and wages have kept pace with the cost of living. There are no major changes expected in the near future.

Distribution of Guam Wages

Range of Salary

A month’s salary in Guam may vary anywhere from USD 350 to USD 6,230. The median represents the middle salary value.

The distribution of wages in Guam is skewed towards the higher end. This means that there are more people earning high salaries than there are people earning low salaries. This is likely due to the fact that there are many high-paying jobs in the country. 

The skewness is not as pronounced as in other countries, however, which means that there is a relatively even distribution of wages overall.

Median Earnings

The median monthly wage is 1,450 USD, which implies that half of the population earns less than 1,450 USD and the other half earns more than 1,450 USD. The average hourly wage is 10.71 USD.

The lower and upper quartiles represent the 25th and 75th percentile respectively, denoting the salaries below and above which lie at 25% and 75% of workers respectively.

The average salary in Guam is quite high when compared to other countries. This is largely due to the fact that there are many high-paying jobs in the country, such as in the financial sector. However, there is also a significant number of low-paying jobs, which brings down the average salary somewhat.

The median salary in Guam is USD 1,450 which is still relatively high.


More than 75% of the population earns more than 810 USD. The median salary in Guam is 1,730 USD.

As of, the average salary in Guam is 1,400 USD per month. This is an increase from the average salary of 810 USD in 2020. 

The median salary in Guam is 1,730 USD. The highest-paid workers earn more than 4,000 USD per month while the lowest-paid workers earn less than 650 USD per month

What are the differences between the median and average salaries?

The average income and median salary are both indicators of how much money Guam residents earn each year. 

The average salary is the sum of all incomes divided by the number of people earning them, while the median salary is the middle income when all incomes are listed in order from highest to lowest.

In general, the median salary is a better indicator of what a typical person in Guam earns each year.

However, there can be large differences between the average and median salaries in certain cases.

For example, if a small number of people earn very high incomes, this can skew the average salary upwards, even if most people earn relatively low incomes. In this case, the median salary would be a better indicator of the typical earnings in Guam.

The Salary Ranges in Guam Based on Years of Work

How does an income increase over time?

In general, salaries in Guam tend to increase with experience. Those just starting out in their careers can expect to earn salaries on the lower end of the spectrum.

 As employees gain more experience and proven success in their roles, they typically receive salary increases and may eventually earn salaries on the higher end of the spectrum.

The following are approximate annual salaries for workers with various levels of experience:

  • Entry-level: $30,000-$40,000
  • Junior-level: $35,000-$50,000
  • Mid-level: $45,000-$65,000
  • Senior-level: $55,000-$80,000+
  • Director/executive-level: $70,000-$100,000+

Of course, salaries can vary depending on factors such as industry, company size, and location.

For example, workers in the tech industry or at large companies tend to earn higher salaries than those in other industries or in small businesses. And workers in major cities usually earn more than those in smaller towns or rural areas.

Guam Workers’ Earnings Compared to Education Level

How big of an impact does education have on a person’s earning potential?

The data shows that in Guam, the average person with a high school diploma earned $52,000 annually, while the average person with a bachelor’s degree earned $85,000 annually.

This difference is significant, but it’s important to remember that there are many other factors that can affect earnings, such as experience and occupation.

Still, the data provides a good starting point for exploring the potential earnings of workers in Guam. And it’s clear that those who invest in their education can expect to see higher salaries than those who don’t.

Gender-Based Salary Differences in Guam

Male workers in Guam earn 9% more than their female colleagues on average across all industries. In the public sector, women earn 5% more than men on average. However, in the private sector, men earn 14% more than women on average.

There is a significant difference in salaries between male and female workers in Guam. Male workers earn an average of 9% more than their female colleagues across all industries.

In the public sector, women earn 5% more than men on average. However, in the private sector, men earn 14% more than women on average.

The gender pay gap is evident in almost all industries in Guam except for two: education and health care. In these sectors, women earn 2% and 1% less than men, respectively. The largest gender pay gaps are found in the financial and business services sectors, where men earn 19% and 17% more than women, respectively.

The average salary in Guam is $48,821 per year. Male workers earn an average of $51,742 per year, while female workers earn an average of $45,132 per year. The gender pay gap in Guam is 9%. In the public sector, women earn 5% more than men on average.

However, in the private sector, men earn 14% more than women on average.

Average Annual Wage Increase Percentage in Guam

How much does an annual salary raise cost? How often do employees get pay raises?

Employees in Guam may expect a wage rise of around 5% every 28 months. Take note that the salary raise also depends on the company’s budget and employees’ performances.

There are other industries such as construction, medical, and retail that offer higher wages. However, the average hourly wage in Guam is $9.56 per hour. The median salary is $41,574 per year.

The cost of living in Guam is expensive. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,500. A meal at a mid-range restaurant costs about $40. Public transportation is also costly with a one-way ticket costing $2.50.

Despite the high cost of living, the quality of life in Guam is good. The island has beautiful beaches, many outdoor activities, and a laid-back lifestyle.

Rate of Annual Growth in Guam’s Major Industries in

  • Travel – 8%
  • Education – 5%
  • Banking – 9%
  • Business and Professional Services – 4%
  • Information Technology – 10%
  • Health Care and Social Assistance – 11%
  • Retail Trade – 3%
  • Manufacturing – 2%
  • Construction – 1%

Booming industries often lead to an increase in average salary, as employers are willing to pay more to attract top talent.

Looking ahead to, Guam’s economy is expected to continue growing at a steady pace. This will likely lead to further increases in average salary across all industries.

Guam’s Average Rate of Salary by Experience Level

In Guam, junior-level employees are expected to receive a 3-5% salary increase from their previous year’s salary, while senior-level employees can expect a 5-7% salary increase. Employees with over 20 years of experience may be able to negotiate a higher salary increase.

Companies are more likely to offer salary increases to employees who have received positive performance reviews and/or have taken on extra responsibilities. Employees who are switching jobs may also be able to negotiate a higher starting salary.

Cost of living adjustments are not common in Guam, but some employers may offer a cost of living allowance to employees who are relocating from another country. Employees should expect their salaries to remain the same if they are moving to Guam.

The average salary in Guam varies depending on the industry, with government and tourism-related jobs typically paying less than jobs in the private sector. The highest-paying industries include finance, information technology, and engineering.

Promotional and Incentive Bonuses in Guam

When and how often are bonuses given?

63% of polled Guam employees indicated they had no bonuses or incentives in the preceding year, while 37% claimed they had gotten at least one kind of monetary bonus.

Those who were eligible for bonuses reported receiving amounts that ranged from 3-6% of their yearly pay. The most common bonus was an annual bonus, followed by a performance-based bonus.

Although nearly two-thirds of employees (64%) say they receive their bonus at the end of the year, Christmas is not the only time companies dole out rewards. Many firms give mid-year bonuses in June or July, and some employers even offer bonuses every quarter.

When it comes to incentives, most Guam workers (61%) say they are given rewards for meeting or exceeding sales targets. Other popular forms of incentive programs include employee referral programs (36%), spot bonuses (34%), and length-of-service awards (21%).

A large majority of employees in Guam (84%) feel that their salaries are fair when compared to others in the same industry. Only 16% think their earnings are low, while no respondents said they believe their pay is too high.

A Wide Variety of Bonuses

Employee Performance-Based Bonus

This kind of bonus is given to employees that exerted above-average effort or produced exceptional work results.

The amount of the bonus depends on the appraisals from the employee’s supervisor.

Company Performance Based on Performance

This type of bonus is not as common as the first one. It is given to employees based on the company’s financial standing or how well it did for the year.

The amount of the bonus varies and is dependent on different factors such as departmental budget, company size, and industry.

Goal-oriented Incentives

This type of bonus is given to employees that reach or exceed their set targets or quotas. The amount of the bonus depends on how much the employee was able to achieve.

Holiday/End-of-Year Bonuses for Employees

This is a common type of bonus given to employees, especially during the holiday season or at the end of the year. The amount of the bonus varies, but it is typically a percentage of the employee’s salary.

Comparing Bonuses on Guam by Profession

What characteristics of a job make it warrant a high salary and a comprehensive benefits package if such a position exists?

Sales jobs are the most likely to hand out bonuses, with nearly three-quarters (73%) of sales professionals claiming to have received one in the past 12 months. Other high-paying jobs that tend to come with bonuses include management positions (51%), finance and business roles (50%), and IT and engineering professions (47%).

When it comes to the size of the bonus, those in management and sales jobs receive the largest on average, at $7,500 and $6,700 respectively. IT and engineering professionals claim the smallest bonuses, with an average of just over $4,000.

Professionals in Guam who receive bonuses are also more likely to be satisfied with their job (84%) than those who don’t get a bonus (77%). This difference is even more pronounced when comparing how engaged workers are in their role – those who get bonuses are much more likely to feel “highly engaged” at work (64% vs. 46%).

Despite the fact that nearly half of all workers in Guam receive some form of bonus, there is still a wide gap between the highest and lowest earners. The average salary for those in the top 10% of earners is $118,000, while the bottom 10% make an average of just $22,000.

Comparison of Guam’s Bonuses Based on Seniority Level

Senior-level workers are the ones who receive the highest bonuses, which are around $3,000. Mid-level workers receive an average bonus of $2,500, while entry-level workers receive an average bonus of $1,750.

The bonuses vary depending on the company and industry, but they are generally higher in finance and insurance industries than in other industries.

Bonuses for senior workers are given to them based on their years of experience, with those who have been working for longer receiving more.

Mid-level bonuses, on the other hand, are generally given to workers who have performed well and achieved results that are above average. Entry-level bonuses are usually given to workers who have shown potential and promise in their work.

The amount of money that a worker receives as a bonus also depends on their position in the company. Senior executives, for example, tend to receive higher bonuses than entry-level employees.

This is because senior executives are typically responsible for the overall performance of the company and are thus more likely to be rewarded for their successes.

The Average Annual Wages of Well-Known Professions


  • Electrical Engineer – 1,350 USD
  • Engineer – 1,270 USD
  • Civil Engineer – 1,090 USD


  • Computer and Information Systems Manager – 1,560 USD
  • Financial Manager – 1,540 USD
  • Sales Manager – 1,280 USD
  • Business Operations Manager – 1,430 USD
  • Medical and Health Services Manager – 1,710 USD


  • Lawyer – 1,870 USD
  • Paralegal/Legal Assistant – 950 USD
  • Judges, Magistrates, and Other Judicial Workers – 2,140 USD


  • Elementary School Teacher – 990 USD
  • High School Teacher – 1,070 USD
  • Special Education Teacher – 1,040 USD

Accountants and Auditors

  • Accountant – 1,280 USD
  • Auditor – 1,430 USD

Computer Occupations

  • Computer Systems Analyst – 1,560 USD
  • Information Security Analyst – 1,620 USD
  • Web Developer – 980 USD

Medical and Health Occupations

  • Physician – 1,950 USD
  • Dentist – 1,940 USD
  • Pharmacist – 1,560 USD

Sales Occupations

  • Retail Salesperson – 780 USD
  • Real Estate Broker – 1,430 USD
  • Insurance Sales Agent – 950 USD

The Average Hourly Wage on Guam

In Guam, the typical hourly rate (pay per hour) comes out to be 8 USD. The minimum wage in Guam is currently 8 USD per hour. The average hourly salary for a worker in Guam is $17.64.

Comparing Salaries in the Public and Private Sectors

Employees in Guam’s public sector earn, on average and across all industries, 10% more than their peers working in the private sector.

The government sector is the largest employer on the island, followed by education and healthcare.

When looking at specific job titles, employees working as general and operations managers earn the most in both the public and private sectors, followed by financial managers, lawyers and judges, and computer and information systems managers.

The highest-paid public sector employees are those working in management positions within the government, followed by healthcare practitioners such as doctors and surgeons, legal professionals, and computer and information technology occupations.

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