Average Marketing Manager Salary in Myanmar

Annual Base Salary - ၅၁,၉၇၅ K/year

The average annual salary of Marketing Manager is ၅၁,၉၇၅ K

၀ K
၅၁,၉၇၅ K
၅၁,၅၀၀ K

The maximum salary range is between ၅၁,၅၀၀ K and ၅၉,၂၂၅ K.

Minimum Annual PayMaximum Annual Pay
၀ K၅၉,၂၂၅ K
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  • Currency : MMK
  • Annual Salary : ၅၁,၉၇၅ K
  • Weekly Pay : ၉၅၂ K
  • Fortnightly Salary : ၁,၉၀၄ K
  • Monthly Salary : ၄,၁၂၅ K

Marketing Manager Salary Comparison by Gender


This pie chart demonstrates the gender share for Marketing Manager. As indicated, the golden colour represents the percentage share for women and the green represents the percentage share for men.

As shown via chart, male employees are involved 100% in contrast with female who possibly are not a part of this profession.

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