Average Accountant with Accounts Payable Skills Salary in Ranchi, Jharkhand

Annual Base Salary - ₹2,22,600.00/year

The average annual salary of Accountant is ₹2,22,600.00


The maximum salary range is between ₹2,28,900.00 and ₹2,63,235.00.

Minimum Annual PayMaximum Annual Pay
Bonus Range: Tooltip
₹0.00 - ₹25,440.00
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  • Currency : INR
  • Annual Salary : ₹2,22,600.00
  • Weekly Pay : ₹4,038.00
  • Fortnightly Salary : ₹8,077.00
  • Monthly Salary : ₹17,500.00

Prominent Skills Affecting Accountant Salary

The bar graph data indicates the importance of specific skills which can have a direct impact on Accountant's salary. It clearly highlights the skills needed for a post of Accountant when hired by an employer.

The most vital skill expected of Accountant is Microsoft Excel which impacts the most than the rest of the skills indicated with a staggering 32% comparatively. Therefore, one’s salary would greatly depend on their skills in Microsoft Excel.

The skill least likely to affect one’s pay would be Financial Reporting with 13%. It can be said that Financial Reporting skill will unlikely impact the salary.

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